Sri Lanka


After three months volunteering in India at Our Home Community before we returned to the London we felt we deserved a little holiday to Sri Lanka!

When we were first planning to visit Sri Lanka we already had some preconceptions about what to expect. It was going to be small, it was still going to be dirty but it was going to be great. We had heard fantastic things about Sri Lanka but still envisioned it as just a smaller version of India however as soon as we stepped out of the airport we immediately knew this was somewhere very different indeed.

Our time in this beautifully individual country was incredible, travelling from Colombo to Trinco and back again whilst visiting everywhere inbetween. We loved how it was clean, we loved how it was modern yet cultural and we loved how the people were so friendly. Not since the Philippines have we met a kinder type of person and the only thing we are struggling to work out is what’s not to like! Sometimes big things come in small packages and Sri Lanka certainly fits the bill: