imageJourneying Down Under


Travelling to Australia. The place home to the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and Surfer’s Paradise. To us, it’s also the complete other side of the world! On February 5th 2015, we had an emotional goodbye with our families and departed on our spectacular, unknown journey that was preceded by a stop in Singapore!

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Oz by Campervan


Setting off on our journey after two weeks in Adelaide, we were both excited and nervous at the prospect of driving more than the length of Europe up the east coast of Australia.

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Bintang Bali!

Kuta sunset


After two months in immaculate Oz, stepping off the plane and into Bali, our first Indonesian country, was a big culture shock!

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It’s more fun in the Philippines


The Philippines; a place full of fantastic people, home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and over 7000 islands. This is where our Asian adventure really started.

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Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong… as a backpacker!

ladies market

We were not prepared for how “unbackpacker friendly” HK actually is and have therefore put together our favourite attractions which won’t break the bank!

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Good morning Vietnam


Vietnam is one of those places where if you haven’t been, you won’t understand, a real “if you know, then you know”. Coming from Hong Kong, we left the luxury of air con and sky scrapers behind to enter into a world of pho and fun.

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Cambodia, more than just Angkor Wat

budda aw

A country still visibly showing the scars of recent bloodshed and war, yet filled with beauty and an enormous history still beats strong.

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Thailand, THE place to satisfy your inner wanderlust


Thailand was one of our most highly anticipated destinations alongside Vietnam and it  certainly lived up to expectations! Arriving in Bangkok straight from Cambodia really highlighted the substantial disparities between these neighbouring countries. Still maintaining the core of a bustling Asian city your senses succumb to the smell of street food, bright lights and an unwavering heat.

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India, a world of its own


Coming soon!


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