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Dubai – a life of luxury!

Skyscrapers, fast cars, private yachts, champagne on tap, pool parties. Dubai. A world of luxury situated in the middle of the UAE desert. As you fly into Dubai you see a land of nothingness merge into a city known as the playground for rich and famous.
Ditching her backpack for 5 nights H was visiting her best friend for a girls holiday, and after a year of hostels and budgeting, this lavish holiday was definitely a treat never to be forgotten.
First up was Cove Beach Club, a chilled setting located on a typical Dubai beach filled with pure white sand, crystal blue sea and a view of the Burj Al Arab. After a long journey a bit of relaxation was deserved! Soaking up the rays, cocktails on order and delicious food delivered to your sun lounger what more could you want? The day couldn’t have been a more perfect arrival and was spent sunbathing, taking those memorable insta snaps, and dipping in and out of the sea. Perfection.
Once recuperated we got ready for a night out on the town, heading to Asia Asia for ladies night and dinner. Wow is all I can say, with three free drinks of your choice and the most irresistible food ever  including aromatic duck to die for, fiery crispy chilli squid, juicy tempura prawns… Mouth watering? Okay I’ll stop, but you get the point, it was incredible.
Whilst talking about food, the restaurants in Dubai were incredible, you could travel here purely to dine! If you’re a big foodie you will be in your element. A couple of my favourites included Karma Kafe  offering an Asian themed menu making you never want to leave and Siddharta lounge which hosts a sophisticated ambience and the stylish menu infuses Mediterranean and Asian flavours to create a concoction of the finest flavours.
Me being me a tourist day was obviously a must, so I dragged the girls out of bed to see the fabulous sights Dubai has to offer. The Miracle Garden was up first and as soon as you arrive you enter a magical, colourful world. With every type of flower and every shade of colour this place is just amazing. Hundreds of mini gardens featuring different themes, you could wander around for hours taking in the man made beauty. The only problem is you HAVE to go early, and even at 09:00am the heat is too much, so we couldn’t stay as long as we’d have liked, but despite that we still got to see everything we wanted.
I couldn’t go to Dubai without seeing the famous Burja Khalifa. Being the tallest skyscraper in the world standing proud at 830m, with fountains aligned along the bottom dancing alongside lights and music, we were blown away before we’d even entered. Stepping into the Burj via the Armani hotel (after hours of trying to find the entrance) we were just speechless. Taking elevators to one of the top floors we enjoyed a drink at the bar with sparkling views never to be forgotten of this almost lego like city.
The Atlantis hotel was next, located offshore on the manmade Palm of Dubai. We explored this hotel to the point of losing ourselves. Walking in and out of the corridors filled with luxury restaurants and shops, visiting the huge aquarium wall it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Imagine stepping into a real world Finding Nemo, just bigger and more exotic. It really was an enormous space filled with an array of sea life. We also journeyed outside in the sweltering heat to get that all important selfie with the hotel! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for the water park, which would definitely be high on my list if I ever return!
The days passed quickly visiting various pools, hotels and beaches which were all superb. So how do you finish five days in Dubai filled with the best friends, indescribable beaches, views, food and weather? A private yacht party! Sailing off into the horizon with the skyline behind you, the sea air in your hair, music pumping and champagne flowing. It’s a surreal experience and gave me a chance to look back on the week filled with nothing short of lavish and luxury, reflecting on what a fantastic week it was. So you might be thinking what do I prefer, backpacking or luxury? I’ll leave you guessing…