Our home from home

It’s been over a month since our return to Our Home and we’re now truly part of the family. This is home for us too and our room is no longer a room but our bedroom. Although time is flying it also feels like we’ve been here forever. We’re set in our routine of what we do each day and the weekends are really relaxed with the kids tired from their busy weeks and happy to chill out.

We’ve cooked twice since our last update, first was chilli and garlic chips, tomato salad and BBQ chicken. When we said we wanted to cook BBQ chicken the older boys took this literally and incredibly quickly built a real BBQ using bricks, cement and mesh wire. The kids all very much enjoyed it, especially the chips! Next we made vegetable and egg noodles with chilli sauce, it wasn’t as difficult to prepare as the previous chicken and fish dishes but we made sure we added a bit more chilli for the kids’ taste palettes! We didn’t enjoy this dish as much as the other two but the children seemed to like it very much so that’s all that matters.


The onsite school is holding a science exhibition on 28th March so we’ve been busy helping with preparations for their projects. Some of them are making sculptures out of mud, cardboard houses, wind turbines and our invention was a water bottle rocket and a solar system 3D drawing! We can’t wait to participate and will be rooting for team yellow!

The children are currently sitting their end of year exams so in the build up we’ve been doing lots of revision and homework classes to aid them with their English and Science. Most of the children’s scores are improving with our assistance and a big highlight was one of the boys achieving full marks on one of his test papers, the highest he’s ever previously achieved was 3/10 so he was super proud! Just through our general conversations their English is greatly improving everyday.


Two of the Our Home children had their last day at the onsite school and if they pass their exams they’ll move onto higher education. We treated them to new outfits for their ‘send off’ day which they were delighted about, they looked lovely!

Last week we got four days of rain which was incredible. Wayanad hasn’t had a downpour of rain like this since June 2016 and were suffering a drought which was about to get very serious. The rainfall lifted everyone’s spirits and the boys loved playing football in the water. We all had such fun and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a lot more rain!

Some days we’re finding quite hard, particularly with the heat, lack of water and electricity, but we soon feel better when we see the kids again, they really are such amazing children. Each day we’re building a stronger bond with them and they’ve started to ask us questions and open up to us too about their lives before coming to Our Home. The younger boys now ask H to wash their hair with shampoo which is so sweet!


The girls home is much more organised than the boys’ and the older girls encourage the little ones to do their washing, clean their rooms and bath themselves. The boys are much more disorganised and as with any young boys they need a lot more encouragement. We’re really enjoying spending so much time with them and helping to make their rooms a little bit more homely and comfortable. This has included washing their bedsheets which hasn’t been done since before Christmas! It’s the little things that make the biggest difference and knowing they’re now sleeping in clean beds each night is the best feeling. We can’t wait to see what the upcoming weeks have in store for us. ❤



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