Amazing Ahmedabad

Having visited Ahmedabad;Gujarat twice we think it is an Indian city not ranked high enough on a traveller’s list of places to see. We’ve therefore put together some of the highlights of our trips to Ahmedabad, which we know you’ll thank us for!

Where to stay?


Hotel Ambassador is a fantastic place to start as you set off on your Adventure in Ahmedabad; welcoming staff, clean rooms and working wifi, you can’t ask for much more for £20 a night! We have stayed here twice in two years and the only difference we could see is that the service has got even better. The room service the hotel offers is honestly be some of the best Indian food we have eaten! However if you fancy goink out in the evenings there are plenty of little restaurants located just down the street, this hotel is ideally located on the corner of Nehru Bridge.

What to do?


Akshardam temple was one of our favourite temples in India. It’s not the grandest, the oldest or even the most wondrous but it was just a great experience with a soothing aura around the place.

The only downside to Akshardam is that cameras of any kind are not allowed so you’ll have to leave your cameras and phones at the security checkpoint. There is a cameraman inside who you can buy your typical tourist pictures from but the lack of people constantly taking pictures adds to the serenity of the place. This is a must see if you’re in or near Ahmedabad.

There are also good shopping malls if you need to stock up on your clothes and toiletry supplies, some lovely clean and pretty gardens to enjoy the evening sun and plenty of local markets and food stalls to explore.

Law Garden Handicraft  Market


If you’ve been to India you know the feeling of wanting to buy everything you set your eyes on! The market near Ahmedabad’s Law Garden is a travel shopper’s paradise and one of the best we have seen. From saris to samosas there is something for everyone.

What makes it special?


India can be a daunting place at the best of times but Ahmedabad feels a bit more chilled out and is a place where the extraordinarily kind people made a huge impact on our time there.

You still get the typical Indian stares but most of the time these are matched with a welcoming smile. We actually had an incident where a tuc tuc driver reduced his price during our journey just because he felt privileged to have tourists in his vehicle! Ahmedabad is a great city to visit in itself but the people were the real difference for us and we would strongly recommend you stop by if you’re in Gujarat!


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