Could we BE bigger Friends Fans?!


Being away for the whole of 2015 we were gutted to miss Comedy Central’s one and only Friends Fest in London, so this year when we heard it was coming back and touring the country, we couldn’t BE any more excited!

After a manic rush to ensure we got the tickets which were like gold dust, we had a long wait until  the day would finally come at Highlands House. H’s mum joined us too being a fully-fledged friends fan. Pivet!


Unfortunately, we couldn’t have picked a worse day to go, the heavens opened and it was raining non-stop. Despite the fact we couldn’t make the most of the big screen showing famous friends clips and lay around with cocktails in hand, we didn’t let the dull weather dampen our moods!

Basically it’s a day full of fab photo opportunities, the perfect situation for H! From the Chapel where Ross and Rachel got married in Vegas, Joey and Chandler’s front room, to the opening scene with the sofa and umbrellas, all of the favourite Friends sets are ready and waiting for you to enter! You can grab a coffee (or in our cases the ultimate hot mocolate) from Central Perk, or get a bite to eat from Monica’s Moonlight Diner! Fajitas anyone!? Or if you’re brave enough you can learn Phoebe’s lyrics to smelly cat and Ross and Monica’s NYE dance before performing them live on stage. OH MY GOD!

Let’s face it, this is the ultimate geek day… but as a true Friends fan, you will love it! Unfortunately, tickets are now all sold out this year, but keep an eye out, we’re sure it will be making a return next year … did she get off the plane?



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