tuk tukSince returning home from our travels, we thought we would make the most of exploring more within our home country, the UK. Having been to Wales, Newcastle, Brighton and a few more, our next stop was Nottingham and it was an extra special trip for us because of the people we were meeting.

Having met in exceptional circumstances, snorkelling with giant sea turtles through the coral reefs of Bali’s coast, we were excited to one again meet up with one of the best friends we made from our adventure. Rebecca was exceptionally helpful and friendly to a couple she spent half a day with snorkelling and a few hours drinking with on Gili Trawangan. After getting to know each other some more, she told us she was a teacher in Vietnam and offered us a place to stay once reaching Hanoi. We would like to think we have made a friend for life that day and when returning to the UK we took the time out to travel north from London to meet her and her partner in Nottingham.

12963350_10156849205000341_8452808045683626132_nNow, we always travel to places with the best intentions of capturing our travels through our blog, taking exciting pictures and seeing the sites. But, sometimes, you just have to let your hair down. After an extended drive due to the wonderfully efficient British motorway system, which is never undergoing road works, we decided to kick back with a beer on arrival as opposed to touring the sites. That could wait till later.

The evening started harmlessly, old and new stories ebbing to and from, before heading out to dinner at Zaap, a fantastically authentic Thai restaurant, complete with tuk tuks and Thai staff! If you have ever been to South East Asia and tried the morning glory, then you will understand our cravings for it. The morning glory, essentially spinach in chilli and garlic, was exceptional, alongside the rest of the food and after a few more Changs we headed out to town with that enormous confidence only beer goggles can give you.

11202107_10156849204865341_447880776368100460_nWe hit a few bars, made friends with an Indian cab driver and took it upon ourselves to commandeer a tea pot cocktail server as a souvenir. To be frank, that is about all we remember from our night. Nottingham was a lovely city with a number of sites that we wanted to see, but let’s be real, we didn’t quite make it! We journeyed back to Essex with the most horrendous hangovers – a definite sign of a successful night, parting with Rebecca and David on a promise that next time will be more civilised… Yeah right! Thank you Nottingham.


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