The best of the West

One of our favourite things to do in London is to see a West End theatre show, this NEVER gets old! It’s always an exciting evening out and a good excuse to dress up. We probably go to the theatre twice a year, and never regret it!

This is definitely a hot spot if you’re a tourist in London too. Tickets can be quite expensive but not if you know where to look. If you’re not fussed what you see and when you see it, you can get cheap tickets in Leicester Square at the ticket stalls starting from £15 and it’s definitely worth exploring around there anyway. If you would like to take a bit more time to plan your trip, or if you have something particular in mind then check out as they always offer some sort of bargain!

 The first show we ever saw together was in the summer of 2009, and it was ‘Thriller‘ the Michael Jackson tribute. It was one of our very first dates which made it extra special in itself, but the show was phenomenal and you couldn’t help but get up and have a little boogie! We would certainly recommend it, especially for a first date, we’re still together nearly 7 years on!

 The most recent show we saw was ‘Bend it like Beckham’ which we were inspired to see after our recent trip to India, and we loved it! Very much like the film, but even more hilarious! Unfortunately this is no longer showing, but definitely keep your eye out incase it makes a comeback, which wouldn’t surprise us as it was so fabulous!
Our other favourites include the classic ‘Billy Elliott’ which we have seen several times and gets better with every viewing. ‘Wicked’, a twisted version about the witches of the famous Wizard of Oz with some spectacular songs. ‘Stomp’, an incredible mix of sounds and dance which you will find hard to believe is completely live, and finally our ultimate favourite has to be ‘The Lion King’, an excellent live performance replicating the movie and it is so moving. With incredible animal costumes which are SO aesthetically pleasing and of course the famous sound track, we guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!

For a full list of the shows we have seen, and further tips on what we would recommend as a traveller in London please contact us!

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