I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

harry potterHarry Potter is a story that is close to our hearts, mainly because one of us loves it (K) and (H) the other is tested on both the films and the books with irregular adhoc quizzes to sharpen our wizarding minds.

As a couple consisting of a Harry Potter geek and someone that has seen the films but not gone all Lavender Brown about it, we are blessed with the knowledge to give an unbiased opinion. We made sure we avoided any imperious curses and love potions when writing this blog and we loved it, as did our nephew and travel blogger buddy for the day that was celebrating his seventh birthday!

imageFrom tasting your first butterbeer to flying over Hogwarts on your broomstick, it really is a magical place to be. The whole experience is the perfect balance between the muggle and magical aspects of Harry Potter. As a fan of film making, getting an inside view of the foundations behind one of the most successful British films of all time is unmissable. While if you love Harry Potter as much as Snape loves the dark arts then you’re in for a treat.

From entering the great hall to visiting the potions classroom, you could literally trace your footprints on the Marauders Map, being sure to avoid Peeves of course! Dumbledore’s office is lined with fascinating portraits of headmasters of old while Delorus Umbridge’s office is a hideous display of cats and pink, sorry Delorus but we must not tell lies!

IMG_5278As you wind your way through Malfoy Mannor, Hagrid’s Hut and the Ministry of Magic, you come across the iconic Hogwarts Express. Climb aboard and view the cabins of various years but make sure to scarper if you suddenly feel a chill, dementors are not for the feint hearted.

By this point you would have taken your customary broomstick photo, maybe even had a go in the flying car and picked out your new Nimbus 2000 for the upcoming quidditch season. That’s a lot to cram in so why not kick back with a cool butterbeer that melts in your mouth and gently slides into your stomach. Batteries recharged? Then let’s move on before Filtch or Mrs Norris turn up!

IMG_5294Stepping outside, you are greeted by the Knight Bus, minus the unmistakeable Stan Shunpike. An incredible sight which really makes you feel a part of the story and it only gets better.

Also outside is the home of the Dursley’s, number 4 Privet Drive, complete with road sign and house. Alas, you can’t enter the home but feel free to go up and have a knock to see if Dudley or his pals are about.

Parallel the Privet Drive is the place where it all began, Goddricks Hollow. The original home of Harry and his family has been run down since the fateful night that first caused the disappearance of the dark lord. A humbling experience for any Harry Potter fan.

There are other sights to see while in the courtyard, including the famous Hogwarts bridge and wizards chess pieces from The Philosopher’s Stone but we won’t go all Hermione on you with every little detail.

IMG_5283The excitement  continues back inside with some amazing pieces of unique artwork which are truly incredible, but the real party piece is saved for last. A giant sculpture of Hogwarts castle greets you as you end your tour. Magnificent detailing, from the greenhouses homes of the mandrakes to Professor Trelawney’s astronomy tower. The filming secrets of the castle are all revealed with this incredible spectacle.

As you leave your tour via the gift shop, you come away with a feeling of completion. Like you have ended your mission and lived your dreams. But Harry Potter never ends really, the WB Studio Tour is really just the beginning for another adventure…

Mischief Managed.

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