10 things to do in Hong Kong… as a backpacker!

We were SO not prepared for how “unbackpacker friendly” HK actually is and have therefore put together our favourite attractions which won’t break the bank whilst you’re exploring on a budget!

1. DisneyLand, £59: 

Okay, so this definitely isn’t the cheapest thing to do whilst in HK, however it was one of our best days and you cannot miss skip Disney! We actually found that eating in Disneyland was cheaper than eating on Hong Kong Island … crazy! If you haven’t been to Disney before, imagine being 10 again and genuinely so excited you find yourself running between the characters, rides, and shows! The Lion King performance here is unmissable, as well as the parade and night time fireworks. We guarantee you will have the time of your life here, even as you enter the park you get to ride a Disney themed train! Also keep an eye out for discounts and special offers which they regularly promote!

2. Big Buddha, free:

Big Buddha
The HK Big Buddha is extraordinary and probably our favourite from the many we’ve seen! Take the bus up the mountain rather than the cable car, it saves a lot of money and is an enjoyable drive. Once you arrive at the top you immediately have this overwhelming sense of tranquility and peace. A great photo stop and place to experience the Buddhist culture in Hong Kong, you could easily wander around for half a day.
3. Sky100, £17:
Sky 100
We chose to book a “Night Package for 2” which offered a discounted price as well as a 241 drinks vouchers, which was a great added bonus. Sky100 is a fab opportunity to ditch the backpacking gear, get dressed up and have a cocktail whilst witnessing the most incredible city view we have ever seen. HK is Asia’s concrete jungle and seeing this magnificent city light up is incredible.
4. The Peak, £3.32 tram:
The Peak
We purchased a return tram ticket and this was an experience in itself, especially if you’ve never been on one before. We didn’t opt for the viewing deck ticket at the top, as the view was already breathtaking enough. We ventured up in the day and not only do you get a great view of Hong Kong’s mountains and skyscrapers, but there are also plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you amused for hours, including our favourite Bubba Gump’s!

5. Ladies Market, free:

ladies market
Right in the heart of Kowloon, Ladies market is one of our favourite markets, not only in HK, but ever and we went back three/four times! You have the hustle and bustle of the crowd and some great cheap restaurants around whilst you immerse yourself in the rich culture. Grab yourselves a bargain on souvenirs and postcards with all starting prices being heavily negotiable, of course!
6. Kowloon swimming pool complex, under £5 on weekdays:
Kowloon pool
Presumably you will be staying in a budget hostel as a backpacker meaning complementary swimming pools are be a no no! If you need a break from the humid city then this complex is perfect, with a huge indoor pool and three outdoor pools, pull up a sunbed, sit back and relax!
7. Stanley Market, free:
Stanley Market
The bus ride here is a great drive as you head out of the city and into the Hong Kong mountains along the coast. Stanley market is another opportunity to haggle yourself a few bargains, the clothes in particular here were our favourite. The location is fantastic, you can have a walk around taking in the views, visit a few temples and sit back over happy hour with a cold beer to watch one of the street entertainers that come out at night.
8. Avenue of Starsfree:
Located in Tsim Tsha Tsui, right on the edge of the river Avenune of Stars is unmissable. Not only do you get the opportunity to see Hong Kong’s favourite film stars and snap photos with their handprints, this is a good opportunity to get a great view of HK Island without paying. Grab an Ice cream, take a stroll up the promenade and you could easily spend an afternoon here admiring the view.
9. Hong Kong Museums, free on Wednesdays:
Visiting the museums in Hong Kong is a excellent way to learn about the city you’re visiting whilst experiencing the different exhibits these museums host. Check out our favourites which were the Space, Science and History Museums, all on Kowloon Island and in walking distance of each other.
10. Ocean Park, £44.30 :
Ocean Park
Unlike any other theme park this is located in the HK mountains and you even have to take the cable car between some rides, brilliant! It hosts a good selection of rides however we would rate this theme park more on its huge aquarium and selection of Asian animals. Another fun day out if you still have money left in your budget!

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