Journeying Down Under


Travelling to Australia. The place home to the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and Surfer’s Paradise. To us, it’s also the complete other side of the world! On February 5th 2015, we had an emotional goodbye with our families and departed on our spectacular, unknown journey that was preceded by a stop in Singapore!

After stepping off a 13 hour flight we found our jet lagged selves landing in an amazing city with the incredible feeling of excitement and wonder but also an aura of something far from reality. With the whole city being less than 700 square kilometres in size, we were pleasantly surprised to see there was much to discover.


From the city wheel to obligatory Singapore Slings, there are so many ways to see, feel and understand this unique city. Our time here was spent exploring the many streets and avenues, but our most memorable encounters can be encapsulated in two memories.

The first is the night time safari. The first of its kind in the world, Asia’s very own Jurrasic Park, showcasing the animals in a way never before seen. The creatures within seem so… alive. From stomping elephants to prowling lions. It is too dark for pictures to do justice but it really is a sight worth seeing.


The second memory comes from Chinatown. A city dominated by Asians, we arrived during the Chinese New Year, unaware of this we ventured into the markets of Chinatown and were showered in colours, tastes, and sounds of the Far East. Incredible food ranging from fresh duck to every type of noodle imaginable. This was by far the busiest part of the whole city, everyone buzzing in anticipation for the year of the Goat.

Our two nights spent in this beautiful city were not enough, and we will be sure to return… However next time not on a shoe string, Raffles and Marina Bay Sands look too fantastic too miss!


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